Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello, World Wide Web!

My name is Scott Stone and this is my blog, Daddy Dump and Chase.

I thank you for reading and I hope my musings on sport and fatherhood bring you as much enjoyment as writing it will bring to me.

For my first blog, I thought I’d ease back into the writing world after a three-plus year hiatus with a small back story of who I am and where this blog came from.

My love for sports is a simple one. I was raised on them and they have been a large part of my life. I don’t see this changing any time soon.

After working for the Dakota Student covering the UND men’s hockey team for nearly four years, I spent the two years after my graduation as a page designer at the Grand Forks Herald. As my future wife graduated college, we decided to leave the plains of the Dakotas for the bright lights of Minneapolis. Six years of living the newspaper life of weekends, nights and holidays had worn on me, and as I looked to my future, I decided a career change was in order.

After a 10-month stint as a banker to pay my bills, I took a job in Bloomington, Minn., in advertising. I’ve come to love my work as it is exciting and fast paced, but much more structured and presents me the opportunity to be home more often. 

What does this have to do with this blog? Sorry… I’ll quit rambling.

Being creative has been something I’ve always enjoyed. Writing had always been my choice for this. So, as I reflected on my 2013 that saw the birth of my daughter, I decided I needed to write again. My goal? Create a blog. What should I write about? Well, naturally, sports. But, every sports rube out there seems to have a sports blog, so what could I do to make it more enjoyable? More exciting? More fun?

Add. A. Cute. Baby. This is Advertising 101.

So, this is it. Daddy Dump and Chase.

Disclaimer: This blog will, at points, have swear words and poop references. I have a baby. I get to talk about these things sometimes.


  1. Well, it seems that this could be a rather interesting blog. We all know that at times there's a lot of doo doo in sports and since I've known you since before you were even born, I do know you've dedicated your life to both. It will be interesting to see how potty training on the softball field works for ya! Guess who!

    1. I literally have no idea who this is, but thanks for reading haha.