Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DDC's Top 10 Moments in the UND/Minnesota Rivalry -- No. 8 -- Pony Punishes Wehrs in Frattin's Corner

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No. 8 is a a good one and it led to a classic scrum between the two bitter enemies.

No. 8 -- Pony Punishes Wehrs in Frattin's Corner -- Ralph Engelstad Arena, Grand Forks, N.D., January 14, 2011.

Kevin Wehrs has to have continued nightmares of that corner of the REA. One year after Matt Frattin leveled him during the first round of the WCHA playoffs, Pony reintroduced him into his least favorite part of the arena. The one thing DDC remembers most about this punishing hit from senior centerman Brad Malone was the sound. Listen to it at :10 in. Sounds like a gun shot. He absolutely destroyed Wehrs with a CLEAN HIT. Mind you, there was no penalty on this play for this hit. Seeing Wehrs sitting there with the look of pure defeat, less than 9 months after being leveled in the same spot, is absolutely priceless. This face pretty much says it all.

The scrum that follows as UND is skating to the locker room is started by Minnesota. The hit was clean, the play was over and UND was moving on. Minnesota senior forward Jacob Cepis decided he had to rile things up. Heck of a hockey player, but this kid was a hack and a diver during his two years with the Gophers, in my opinion. Note :47 into the video as Cepis has his stick wrapped around Andrew MacWilliam's neck. Classy move. Nate Condon (No. 16) and Seth Helgeson (No. 4) deliver shots to the back and the back of the head of two UND players on the ice during 1-on-1 fights. Classic Gopher fighting strategy. Chalk up another scrum to the rivalry.

Come back tomorrow for DDC's No. 7 Top 10 moments in the UND/Minnesota rivalry. Preview... UND's favorite rival goaltender expresses his love for his most-heated opponent.

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