Sunday, April 6, 2014

DDC's Top 10 Moments in the UND/Minnesota Rivalry -- No. 4 -- "A Bouncing Puck for a Goal!" -- Mariucci Arena, Minneapolis, January 27, 2007.

Thanks for coming back to DDC's Top 10 moments in the UND/Minnesota rivalry.

No. 4 is very near and dear to DDC's heart as it piggy backed one of his favorite weekends his college career.

After a comeback 5-3 win on Friday night on the heels of a two-goal night by Ryan Duncan, UND had a chance for the sweep.

However, after a 2-0 lead under eight minutes into the game, Minnesota rattled off three straight to take a 3-2 lead after a Mike Howe power play goal at 15:58 of the first.

Then, it happened.

Full disclaimer here: DDC did not actually witness this play as it occurred, due to an argument with a jawing Gopher fan, but he was in house with 10 or so of his fraternity brothers.

No. 4 -- "A Bouncing Puck for a Goal!" -- Mariucci Arena, Minneapolis, January 27, 2007.

Bina's 178-foot shorthanded goal through the wickets of Gopher goalie Jeff Frazee knotted the game at three and set the tone for a 7-3 rout and a sweep at Mariucci for the Sioux.

As the clock ticked to zero and the Gopher student section emptied out, DDC's group of friends made the bold move of sitting in the vacated seats. Water bottles, pretzels, etc., showered down on these brave Sioux fans, but the memory was well worth it.

"A bouncing puck for a goal."

Frank Mazzacco's call for FSN still replays in many Sioux fans, and more than likely, many Gopher fans heads every time they see a bouncing clear near the goal. DDC still to this day says "Robbie Bina" every time a goaltender has to play a puck like this.

Well, hockey fans, we're down to the Top 3. Come back tomorrow for No. 3 to remember that left Minnesota fans green with envy.


  1. Don't forget this one from the opening game at the Ralph on October 5, 2001.

  2. we all know about andy kollar's but that was only a 100 footer